PB+C, Goats Milk Magazine, 2021
Honest Lies, Lupercalia Press, 2021

Performances & Exhibitions                                                                           Sound River, Princeton Media Lab, 2022
Liminality, art exhibition, Taste Wine and Spirits, 2021      
Ephemera, video installation, Aesthetics & Politics Symposium, The New School, 2019 
Cathexis, album release, 2018 
10 of Pentacles, performance, Arts on Site, 2018 
Out of the Dark/Into the Light, film score, Ann Arbor Film Festival, 2018 
My Queer Cat Brain, video score, Oscar Wilde Cooperative Art Show, 2017 
Moonblooms, performance, 2015 
Dio de Los Muertos, art shrine, The Dinner Party, 2013 
The Civil Rights Movement, documentary video, 2011 
Gem of the Murk, video art, 2009 
Mothra, performance, 2005 


RA Sprott, J Vivid, E Vilkin, L Swallow, EM Lev, J Orejudos, D Schnittman. “A queer boundary: How sex and BDSM interact for people who identify as kinky.” Sexualities, 24: (5-6), 708-732. July 2020.

J Vivid, RA Sprott, EM Lev. “The Structure of Kink Identity: Four Key Themes Within a World of Complexity.” Journal of Positive Sexuality, 6(2), 75-85. December 2020. 

Honors & Awards
Merit & University Scholarships, The New School, 2018-2020  
MA Special Project Grant, The New School, 2019 
Wasserman Scholar, 2012-2014 
AAP Scholar, 2012-2014 
Opal Jones Scholar, 2012 
Golden Key and Phi Eta Sigma Honor Societies, 2012 
Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society, 2009-2012 
Superior Achievement Award in Philosophy, 2012                                                                                                                                                                                                   California State Legislature Future Professor & Future Teacher of the Arts Awards, 2011 
Superior Achievement Award in Religious Studies, 2011